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First 40k Custodes models

At the beginning of the week, I got my hands on the Talons of The Emperor, which seems to be a great way of getting started for using Custodes in Warhammer 40k, as the total price of the miniatures, when bought separately, is higher than the asking price for 2 units, a Contemptor Dreadnought and two vehicles.

So, here are the first two models I have done - a golden Contemptor Dreadnought and a bolter-wielding Sister of Silence. To be a bit different, the secondary colour is purple, not red. Apart from a wash of Agrax Earthshade at the end, I used Vallejo paints for this model just to try a recently bought set of metallic paints.

The plan is to have three squads of Sisters of Silence (one of each unit type), along with three units of Custodes, the Contemptor above and some Rhinos and Land Raiders to escort them onto the battlefield.

Cypher and the start of Genestealer Cult Neophyte unit 2

Well, that's one of the 3rd Gathering Storm Triumvirate's models done, in the form of Cypher, the Fallen Dark Angel.

Unlike most depictions, I did not paint the cloak's inside red, as I prefer to keep cloaks and robes to being all the same colour. Now, all he needs will be some squads of Fallen to accompany him. This will probably mean me getting a second Burning of Prospero box (if it is still available) or getting the Mk3 legionaries in the separate boxes. However, getting a second BoP box would save me some money and get me some more Custodes and Sisters of Silence models, to go with the 'Talons of the Emperor' box that arrived today. (The contents of that box have just been sprayed black, ready for painting)

Secondly, I have now finished building and painting the models from the Deathwatch Overkill box and have started doing a second unit of Neophyte Hybrids. To tell this unit apart from the other, the clothing is painted green and the casings of the guns are r…

Acolyte Iconward and two Neophyte hybrids

So, having pretty much come to an end of doing the 30-odd Acolyte hybrids for the Genestealer Cult (actually, 1 just have 2 more to finish off), I now present the main icon bearer, the Acolyte Iconward!

This now leaves me with getting the Neophyte hybrids done. I had already done the two mining laser-equipped hybrids from Deathwatch Overkill and these are the first two regulars. The skin is a very light green, in keeping with how I have some Tyranids that are red and green.

After these are done, it will be the turn of the 'Imperial Guard' cult minions and making a unit of 20 Genestealers to go with the Patriarch.