First Genestealer Cult Metamorph done, with some Chaos Terminators

So, work has finally started on me doing some Genestealer hybrids, having bought three of the Acolyte Hybrid/ Metamorph boxes, having been waylaid by other projects. I suppose one potential complication is the fact that the main Genestealer colours I am using are not blue and purple but red and green but I wanted them to be different. (I suppose it may also be true that the first model of a particular type may be the most difficult one to do, then it gets easier after that).
Here is the first of the hybrid models done - a Metamorph Hybrid leader with lashwhip & bonesword.

Next, A couple of other ongoing projects have involved doing some Chaos Terminators, in the form of a Sorcerer Lord of Nurgle in Death Guard colours and the first of the Scarab Occult Terminators for the Thousand Sons (in 15th Legion colours). I ended up doing a different spot colour for these guys (blue instead of green), just for them to be a little different.

Next in line will probably be some heavy weapon CSM's for the Death Guard, finding some Plague Marines and doing up the Genestealer Cult and Thousand Sons models that I have.


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