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New Thousand Sons

So, one thing that I have been looking forward to finally happened, with the release of all-plastic Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marines. I am going to have a small detachment of these done, as part of a bigger Chaos Space Marines force which will have mostly Nurgle forces. This is just the first unit of several.

Here is a picture of three models that I have done so far out of a unit of 10. I decided on going with a red & gold colour scheme, as per the original 15th Legion's colours and is one of the schemes shown in the Wrath of Magnus books.

Coming up in the future will be Chaos Marines affiliated to Nurgle, courtesy of the Traitor Legions book, which has been the catalyst in going for CSM's renewal. I will aim to paint them up in Death Guard colours style, as per members of the 14th Legion. I should, however, be used to doing that scheme up, as I have already painted quite a lot of 30k Legion models. I will not, however, be painting up any Khornate CSM's in white and b…