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A Leviathan Dreadnought and a couple of super-heavy tanks

So, I finally got round to building and painting some models that have been lying around for a few months in incomplete states, in the form of two super-heavy tanks, a Baneblade and a Shadowsword. These had been delayed due to painting/ model issues. The issues were incomplete sponsons on the Shadowsword, which was sorted by me removing them and the original colour I was using for the Baneblade did not look right (sorted by going for a darker main colour) but with a game involving super-heavy vehicles coming up, I felt I had to get my finger out and get them done.
Firstly, here are the tanks. The colours were chosen to go with the Death Guard legion and to be used either in 30k or 40k.

Secondly, I did some final touch-ups on the Leviathan Dreadnought, adding some decals as well. This means that the final models for my Death Guard will be Mortarion and a plasma cannon-wielding unit (although I will be using 40k plasma cannons for quickness).

Finally, I have started building and paintin…

Leviathan dreadnought, Deathwatch progress, Blood Angel command squad & Genestealer cult characters

So, yesterday, I finally got round to finishing off construction of my big dreadnought, the Leviathan. This looks to be the biggest, bulkiest dreadnought of the 30k era, armed with a siege drill, two volkite calivers and melta cannon of some sorts. It just goes to show you how big the model is meant to be when it is supplied with an 80mm round base and in the picture below, I have put it next to a Death Company dreadnought for a size comparison. The paint job on the model is not complete yet, as I will have to do washes & highlights for that.

Next, I have a picture showing how much progress has been made on my Deathwatch force. As it stands, All of the infantry models are done and it is just a couple of vehicles to get done now (a Lnad Raider and the Corvus Blackstar flyer). Later, I may do another dreadnought, psyker and a captain or watch master.

After that, I have done a 5 man command squad for my Blood Angels 2nd company. As yet, there is no standard bearer guy but I may get t…