Some models mostly painted black!

So, the past few days/ weeks have involved painting some models mostly in black.
First, I decided that with the recent release of Warmachine Mk3, I would decide to give it a proper try this time. Thus, I got the Khador battlegroup of two warjacks and a caster but I ended up deciding not to paint them red, but black, as I looked on the Privateer Press forum and saw alternative colour schemes. The models have been built, painted and now varnished, ready for training/ battle.

Second, I finally ended up decided on a colour scheme for the Harlequin models I got in the 40k Death Masque box and opted for something simple. Here's what I used for inspiration

Alternating Red & black and something simple. Here is the first unit done, although I am wondering if 25mm bases were a good idea for these guys.

Finally, the third and set of models mostly painted black are some Deathwatch. These are the first five models of my Malleus kill team, with some power mauls, heavy thunder hammers and a power fist - nice weapons to smash most things up! I think that one more veteran & three thunder hammer/ storm shield Termniators would finish that unit off just fine.
Once that unit is finished, I will them go on to doing a couple of Furor kill-teams, a Land Raider and the Corvus Blackstar flyer.


  1. Wow those 25mm bases do look a bit restrictive on the harlequins. Could always up their bases for stability!

  2. I see what you mean. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if I had enough 32mm bases to deal with that issue.


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