Kastelan Robots done and initial Deathwatch models.

So, following the recent release of the Deathwatch codex, I have started building/ painting some of the models that will form part of such a force. I am currently planning to do one DW company featuring 4 kill-teams, characters and relevant support vehicles/ walkers. The models will be getting bought gradually, based on when they come out and the starter models are those that came from the Deathwatch: Overkill and Death Masque boxes.

So far, I have got 14 models done - the DW Overkill Aquila Kill Team, one Terminator, one Venerable dreadnought and a Blackshield, as shown below:

Another set of models that is done are the Kastelan Robot units - 6 robots and 2 datasmiths - This leaves just the Kataphron Breachers to do for the Mechanicus section.

Finally, I will, at some point, get round to doing the Harlequins from the Death Masque box and I will probably go for an alternating red/ black colour scheme, with green as a colour for other bits. This is probably inspired by the colours of the DC comics character Harley Quinn.


  1. That is going to be one fun force! Models are coming along nicely!


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