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Kastelan Robots done and initial Deathwatch models.

So, following the recent release of the Deathwatch codex, I have started building/ painting some of the models that will form part of such a force. I am currently planning to do one DW company featuring 4 kill-teams, characters and relevant support vehicles/ walkers. The models will be getting bought gradually, based on when they come out and the starter models are those that came from the Deathwatch: Overkill and Death Masque boxes.

So far, I have got 14 models done - the DW Overkill Aquila Kill Team, one Terminator, one Venerable dreadnought and a Blackshield, as shown below:

Another set of models that is done are the Kastelan Robot units - 6 robots and 2 datasmiths - This leaves just the Kataphron Breachers to do for the Mechanicus section.

Finally, I will, at some point, get round to doing the Harlequins from the Death Masque box and I will probably go for an alternating red/ black colour scheme, with green as a colour for other bits. This is probably inspired by the colours of th…