Tech-Priest Dominus, Green Obliterators and some Blood Angels 1st Company

So, having had some time away due to summer holiday, it is time to show some models that I have recently built/ painted.

First, here is the grand purple poobah of the Mechanicus, the Tech-Priest Dominus. Once I have some more of my painting/ building done, I shall see to giving him a formation to command, by getting some Kataphron Breachers (although there will also be more Kastelan Robots coming soon).

Secondly, I got some reinforcements for my Blood Angels, as sometimes power fists may not necessarily be the best close combat weapon for dealing with certain enemies. Here are a unit of Vanguard Veterans on Sector Imperialis bases with lightning claws, a relic blade and a power fist. They are accompanied by a unit of lightning claw Terminators. In the pipeline will be a Drop pod for a Dreadnought and a Land Raider Crusader for the Terminators.

Finally, here is a unit of Chaos Obliterators who affiliated themselves with Nurgle. These guys are on 50mm bases (not 40's) and I think I may have overdone the green wash on them.

So, what will most likely be next will be some more Tau, Mechanicus and the re-basing of my conversion job purple Necron Flayed Ones (onto 32mm bases).


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