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Last two Imperial Knights done and some fancy 32mm bases

So, last week, I ended up finishing off the last two Imperial Knights that will make up the Renegade faction. The fist one was painted blue in honour of Tzeentch and the other one in colours like those of the Legion Death Guard. I have not done any alterations yet, as I am still figuring out what to do on that front, apart from maybe putting some Chaos vehicle spiky bits on the models in the future fpr a more Chaos-like appearance.

Next, I got my hands on some of the new GW Sector Imperialis round bases (a pack of the 32mm ones and a pack of the 25mm & 40mm bases) and I have tried my hand at painting up one sprue's worth of the 32mm bases. Here is the end result.

Finally, some future upcoming projects will be a Leviathan Dreadnought and Mortarion for the Death Guard 30k Legion - these should be the last two models to finish that off! Then, I try to get to work on some Khorne Daemons, Skaven or Skitarii.

Re-based Ravenwing and Canoptek Wraiths

So, having bought tons of oval cavalry bases for different 40k and AOS, I finally found a good use for them. I have been thinking that perhaps 40k bikes and Canoptek Wraiths would look better on different bases. 40mm round bases looked too small for the Wraiths, making them a bit vulnerable to falling over and the normal bike bases seem to have the right length but are not wide enough. I ended up putting 9 Ravenwing bikes on the 75mm oval bases and 6 Wraiths on the 90mm oval bases.

Here are the end results:

That's that part of the project done. I'll just have to get the bases painted up with textured paint to make them look less plain and get some repairs done on some of the Ravenwing bikes.