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Here are the Black Knight and the Blood Knight

So, a few weeks ago, I got my hands on the Imperial Knights : Renegade box, as I just could not resist getting 2 knights for £120, as opposed to £180 separately. I finally finished them off yesterday.

The red knight is essentially a close combat knight armed with reaper chainsword, thunderstrike gauntlet, meltagun & carapace mounted krak missile launcher. He is called the 'Blood Knight', influenced by serving with the Blood Angels. The black knight is a renegade knight, known as the 'Black Knight'. I have given him a meltagun (slight conversion job), reaper chainsword and gatling cannon. It is possible that when I have figured out what to do, I may make the 'Black Knight' look more chaotic - I'll probably just stick some spiky bits on him for that.
A future consideration may be that I could end up getting another box of Renegade to give me six knights (three for Chaos, three for the Imperium or a 2/4 split) but that is for later.

One thing I am hoping …