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World Eater Cataphractii Termies and the Redhorns

So, that's another part of my Legion World Eater ally contingent finished, in the form of a Cataphractii Terminator unit, including a reaper autocannon (an altered Chaos Space Marine weapon).

The only units to finish off now are the second assault squad (jump packs) and a unit of bikers, as I received a pack of 10 legion plasma guns today along with the Age of Darkness Legions book, as I am planning on arming all three bikes with twin-linked plasma guns for killing heavy infantry.

Next, for the Chaos Daemons, I got a unit of Bloodletters and the Herald model you get with the Skull Cannon kit in black with red horns and a crackled rust-world base. I am wondering, however, if a 40mm base may be a bit too small for the Herald. It does seem that his feet are sticking out a bit from the base, like the problem with Necron warriors and 25mm bases. If it does look a bit too small, I could stick him on a 50mm base later. The bloodletters did not have any problem, however, as they are on th…