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Some more World Eaters

So, quite a bit more progress has been made on my little 12th Legion ally detachment, in the form of a Contemptor dreadnought wielding dual power fists, the first assault squad and a couple of Consuls (one white and one black). The only units left to finish will be the second assault unit, a unit of Cataphractii Terminators, a heavy support unit armed with heavy bolters and a couple of finishing touches on the white consul.
Here is the Contemptor dreadnought, which I call 'Pugnax' because he likes to punch things up, as he is armed with two power fists with built-in meltagun and plasma blaster on the other.

Next, there is the first assault squad with two plasma pistols and a sergeant wielding a power fist and plasma pistol.

After that, here are the two consuls (I finally found a use for two out of my three Kurtha Sedd models from the Betrayal at Calth box). The one in black armour is intended to be used as a chaplain. The white-armoured one is planned to be used as a consul (ch…