Red Hive Tyrant & Plague Marines

So, in preparation for some time in the future when I will finally have my Tyranids all boxed up and ready for battle, I ended up getting a new non-flying Hive Tyrant, which I painted up red & green, finished off with a green wash. It is equipped with a lash whip, bonesword & a pair of scything talons.

Next, I will be planning on resurrecting my Chaos Space Marines, probably using some new colour schemes and bases. Part of that has been influenced with doing up a Heresy-era Death Guard army and my thought was to do Plague Marines up in a similar colour scheme, as if they are undergoing a change from Imperial to Chaos. The main armour's colours started off with Zandri Dust, washed with Seraphim Sepia, drybrushed with Screaming Skull and washed with Druchii Violet. The armour trim is bronze with Waagh Flesh for the shoulder pads. Finally, I put these models on 32mm bases, in line with having moved all of my other Space Marine armies from 25mm to 32mm bases.
Here are six marines from the first unit. The sergeant is armed with a power fist and there is one plasma gunner but I am planning to have a seven-man unit with two plasma guns. There will probably be plans for two or three new units, with either melta guns or flamers as special weapons.

Finally, with the modernisation of my CSM's, I have also planned on moving Obliterators from 40mm bases to 50mm bases, as they look to be bigger models than Terminators.


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