Death Guard Dreadnought and Heavy support squad

Well, this time I have some of the supplementaries done for my Death Guard, in the form of a Dreadnought set up as a Mortis-type, to take two shots at taking a target down and have something to shoot at fliers with.

Next, here is a lascannon-wielding heavy support unit. I finally got round to doing a lascannon heavy support squad by buying a second lot and remembering to wash the models before painting, as that makes things a lot easier (I forgot to do that with the first lot of heavy weapon guys). Ultimately, when I get round to the other squad, I will have two units of five lascannons each instead of one unit with nine or ten. I think that is better, as one nine or ten man lascannon unit can only destroy at most one vehicle at a time but the smaller units mean that ten lascannons can direct their fire on two different threats.

The next things on the agenda will be to finish off the last models from the Betrayal at Calth boxes - mainly some special weapons troops, some missile launchers, a second unit of Cataphractii Terminators and some general tactical guys. I will also get some Chaos Plague marines done up as post-heresy Death Guard in their legion colours, rather than the regular all-green setup, to represent those going down the ruinous path. One difference in the painting will involve a final wash of purple on the model.


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