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3rd Contemptor Dreadnought and 1st member of the 12th Legion

So, recently I ended up buying a third and final box of Betrayal at Calth to provide my main force with an optional ally detachment and I decided that the allies will come from the 12th Legion (the World Eaters). I am just waiting on 10 assault marines to arrive as well and the first model I have painted up in World Eaters colours is one of the Cataphractii Terminator Praetors, like so.

I have also put the third Contemptor Dreadnought to use by doing a conversion job, replacing a multi-melta with a twin-linked lascannon, using parts from a Predator Tank (as you cannot put a twin-linked lascannon turret on a 30k Predator). Here is the end result, which completes the Death Guard Contemptor Talon. I recently picked up a fourth and final plastic Contemptor and I will do something a bit different with it. It will be painted up in World Eaters colours, armed with two power fists (with built in plasma blaster and melta gun).

I have a feeling that if I give the allies a vehicle, it will proba…

Red Hive Tyrant & Plague Marines

So, in preparation for some time in the future when I will finally have my Tyranids all boxed up and ready for battle, I ended up getting a new non-flying Hive Tyrant, which I painted up red & green, finished off with a green wash. It is equipped with a lash whip, bonesword & a pair of scything talons.

Next, I will be planning on resurrecting my Chaos Space Marines, probably using some new colour schemes and bases. Part of that has been influenced with doing up a Heresy-era Death Guard army and my thought was to do Plague Marines up in a similar colour scheme, as if they are undergoing a change from Imperial to Chaos. The main armour's colours started off with Zandri Dust, washed with Seraphim Sepia, drybrushed with Screaming Skull and washed with Druchii Violet. The armour trim is bronze with Waagh Flesh for the shoulder pads. Finally, I put these models on 32mm bases, in line with having moved all of my other Space Marine armies from 25mm to 32mm bases.
Here are six mari…

Death Guard Dreadnought and Heavy support squad

Well, this time I have some of the supplementaries done for my Death Guard, in the form of a Dreadnought set up as a Mortis-type, to take two shots at taking a target down and have something to shoot at fliers with.

Next, here is a lascannon-wielding heavy support unit. I finally got round to doing a lascannon heavy support squad by buying a second lot and remembering to wash the models before painting, as that makes things a lot easier (I forgot to do that with the first lot of heavy weapon guys). Ultimately, when I get round to the other squad, I will have two units of five lascannons each instead of one unit with nine or ten. I think that is better, as one nine or ten man lascannon unit can only destroy at most one vehicle at a time but the smaller units mean that ten lascannons can direct their fire on two different threats.

The next things on the agenda will be to finish off the last models from the Betrayal at Calth boxes - mainly some special weapons troops, some missile launch…