Death Guard progress update - with vehicles this time

So, I have got most of the planned infantry done for my 30k Death Guard army, with all tactical and veteran tactical squads numbering no less than 10 models per unit and the tactical support squads between 5 and 7 models in size. I just need to get the last few models in those units done, along with the heavy weapon guys (1 unit with missile launchers and 1 unit with lascannons) to finish that part of the army off.

Two additions that have diverted my attention away from finishing off the infantry are in the form of two out of four vehicles that will be added to their roster. Here, I present a Vindicator and a Phobos Land Raider.
The Vindicator has a twin bolter from a Cataphractii Terminator kit and the dirty areas at the bottom were achieved by using Typhus Corrosion and some drybrushing with browns.

You may notice that the heavy bolters and lascannon sponsons may look a bit unusual for the Land Raider. That was due to an error in an order, where I received a Land Raider Crusader/ Redeemer kit, instead of the normal Land Raider kit (the Crusader/ Redeemer kit does not have any lascannons or heavy bolters, although it does have a multi-melta and a frag assault launcher option). I was able to get that fixed by using twin-linked lascannon and heavy bolter sets from Razorbacks. The dirty effects were achieved by using Typhus Corrosion on the tracks, followed by drybrushing with Ryza Rust and dark brown weathering powder on the hull.
 I am working on Skitarii models at the moment, as I have enough models to build two battle maniples of purple and green soldiers and the other two Death Guard vehicles will be a super-heavy tank (Shadowsword/ Baneblade) and a second Land Raider Phobos.

Finally, I ended up having a use for one of two Cataphractii Terminator captains (as I got two Betrayal at Calth boxes). I painted one of them up in red and he will be joining my Blood Angel 40k army as a Terminator captain.


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