Death Guard (continued)

So, in the past week and a bit, I saw an opportunity to build up infantry more readily for my pre-Heresy Death Guard with the HH: Betrayal at Calth box set and bought two boxes, giving me lots of models (and special. close combat & heavy weapons).

Firstly, here are a couple of plastic Contemptor Dreadnoughts, both of which have involved conversion jobs. The power fist on one of them has been altered with the built-in bolter replaced with a meltagun. On the other dreadnought, I turned a multi-melta the other way round, to have a dreadnought with two guns.

Next, here is most of a tactical support squad armed with melta guns. This time I did not need to borrow a Mechanicus cyborg or robot arm for a power fist.

Finally, here is the first model of a 5-man Cataphractii Terminator unit. The unit will have 2 power fists, 2 chain fists and one guy with a pair of lightning claws.

Don't worry, there will be quite a few models left to go and I might also re-paint & re-base some CSM Plague marines (in pre-heresy DG colours and on 32mm bases).


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