Some more progress on Horus Heresy Death Guard

Well, that's most of my inital collection of Horus Heresy Death Guard models built and painted, in the form of a 10 man tactical squad, a 5 man tactical support squad and two Praetors. There is one 10 man unit that is pending, which will be made into a regular tactical squad but will take a bit longer to do, as I bought the models from someone and have to disassemble them first before painting them up. ( I am one of those who prefers to paint, then build.)

The models do have a dirty appearance which is deliberate, as that seems to be in keeping with with the pictures I have seen of Death Guard marines in the Horus Heresy books.

So, here are some pictures.

The 'power fists' on some of the models were arms taken from the Cult Mechanicus Kataphron Battle Servitor kits.

One unit I've almost finished is a 10 man Tau breacher squad, along with a smart missile system turret that will be associated with a Fire Warrior squad. This was bought in the run up to the slightly updated Tau codex. Also, I will eventually get around to building up the Stormsurge Gargantuan creature model and get my hands on the new Tau Commander battlesuit model this weekend.


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