Chaos Helbrute and first Death Guard models

I recently decided to partake of the Horus Heresy era models and deliberated over what legion to go with. I ended up going with the Death Guard, as the colour scheme looked simple enough and I have used their 40k successors, Plague Marines, a lot in Chaos Space Marine armies. So, my first order was for 15 legion infantry (10 guys in mark 2 and 5 guys in Mark 4 armour) and the praetors set, just to get started.

Well, that's half of a pre-Heresy Death Guard unit done. 5 guys in Mk II armour with a sergeant armed with a bolt pistol & power fist (the power fist came from parts of the Kataphron battle servitors, which I built up as 6 destroyers). In line with what I have done with 40k Space Marines & Chaos, all of my regular power armour guys will be on 32mm bases, not 25mm. One intent was that the models were to have an intentionally dirty appearance, which is why I did not paint the armour white - instead, I painted up the main armour off-white.

Here is a picture showing the first five models.

The second set of five models will finish the first squad and the third set will form a plasma gun-armed support squad (in Mk IV armour). I will also see how stripping paint off of Forgeworld models using Dettol works, as I bought another ten marines with bolters that were painted green (planned as Sons of Horus models?).

Finally, one kit that I have had for a while and only now got round to building and painting is the non-Dark Vengeance Helbrute. This one is painted with black armour, red trim and green skin and is planned to represent some mechanical fire/ CC support to my Khorne Daemonkin CSM's.

This model is equipped with a twin-linked lascannon for long-range shooting and a power fist with heavy flamer to deal with closer opposition.


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