Skitarii & another found wandering the Martian Ironearth

So, that's a second vehicle and two assault units done for my Skitarii - an Onager Dunecrawler, a unit of Sicarian Ruststalkers and a unit of Sicarian Infiltrators. As usual, they are done up with all purple for the vehicle and purple & green for the infantry.

The Dunecrawler will need the base finished off and with the two Sicarian units, I did the bases differently - one unit had the textured paint and the other the crackle paint.

Finally, I had a little try of a rust-coloured weathering powder on a Dark Angels Land Raider, which is part of my Hammer of Caliban formation (Techmarine, Land Raider & 3 Predators). This was a first attempt at trying this out and I think I have to finish it off by spraying a varnish to keep the dust on the model.

Well, that's all for the moment.


  1. Very striking skitari with those purples and greens!


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