A couple more purple models & first unit of CSM's

So, I have tried out an idea of what colour scheme I will use for Tzeentchian Chaos Space Marines when we see either a new CSM or the long-rumoured Tzeentch Daemonkin codex. I ended up deciding on purple armour with a bronze trim, as shown on the demonstration model below (aka a Thousand Son). I didn't go for the normal blue/ yellow colours, as I wanted something different. (Perhaps a final wash of Nuln Oil may make the model look a bit better).

Next, the second purple miniature is a Skitarii Ironstrider Ballistarius armed with a twin-linked lascannon, At times, the model was a pain in the ass to build but I think that may have been down to the glue I was using taking time to set properly before I could glue the next parts on. I will plan to have another one or two of these models alongside it, to provide some long-range fire for this faction.

Finally, I have now built the first Chaos Space Marine unit that will serve my Khorne Daemonkin army. It is a ten man squad, all on 32mm bases, as I wanted two models armed with meltaguns and an eight man unit will only let you have one such gun. The champion is armed with a power fist. The colour scheme is black armour with a red trim, as it seemed a bit different,

I also bought a box of Bloodletter lesser daemons of Khorne to act as either a main unit or a summoned unit and I am thinking of putting the little daemons on 32mm bases, rather than the traditional 25mm bases. The reason for this was that I noticed that the model holding the banner does not seem too steady on the 25mm base, as the banner is so blasted big & relatively heavy that it tips over very easily. I am wondering if putting that model on a 32mm base may make that situation any better and I will put the other models of that unit on 32mm bases for consistency.


  1. On the purple model...you could also try a purple wash to act as a glaze to bring out some more pop!


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