Purple Mechanical Destroyer Meanies

So, I've now got one lot of Adeptus Mechanicus models built up and mostly painted (some finishing touches will be needed), in the form of a Cult Mechanicus Elimination Maniple - 2 units of Kataphron Destroyers and a unit of Kastelan robots. The destroyers have one unit equipped with heavy grav-cannons and the other with plasma culverins.

The other purple mechanical meanie that's built & painted is an overhaul of my Necron Destroyer Lord, as he was kind of falling to bits. This is a partial conversion, comprising of a Destroyer chassis and an Overlord torso from the Catacomb Command Barge kit and a full repaint job from blue to purple. Here are the before and after pictures.

Finally, with all that done, I can probably get on with finishing off the last bits of my Land Raider for the Dark Angels vehicle formation, as well as work on the Stormcast Eternals, Skaven and Skitarii.


  1. Looks great. The redo of the destroyer lord looks fantastic!


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