Blood Angels, Dark Angels and Stormcast Eternals

So, there is light at the end of the tunnel, in terms of completing the Blood Angel and Dark Angel battle companies, as I have now finished six tactical squads for each, just about finished two devastator squads for each and just have the assault marines and other extras to do.

I have also had a thought about doing up a second Ravenwing bike squad, with both special weapon guys armed with grav guns and a sergeant armed with a thunder hammer. Here is a simple conversion I did to give the two main bikers the grav guns. The sergeant will come later, once he is built and painted.

Finally, I got my hands on the Age of Sigmar box recently and have started doing up the Stormcast Eternal models. I decided on golden armour with purple, as per the Lions of Sigmar, as I do tend to have quite a few other models with purple on them (Tyranids & Necrons!). The dull gold effect was attempted by painting the armour in Leadbelcher, then washing with Seraphim Sepia - an effect I have used on other models over the past few years (blame the Sanguinary Guard!)


  1. I really like that dull gold effect you got here. It's really well done, and sounds pretty simple! I think I'll try it :)


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