New Assault Marines & some Blood Angel characters

In building up my two main Space Marine armies, my plan is to have as a backbone, one full battle company for each one (Blood Angel and Dark Angel). I have recently got the last marines to do up the 6 tactical squads for each one and it will require that I get models for the Assault and Devastator squads. So, I am making plans for two such squads of each type for each army and recently, I got the new Assault marines box. They have been painted up as a 5-man Dark Angel half assault squad, equipped with a power fist sergeant, two plasma pistols and an eviscerator. I will get more of these boxes later, but here's what they look like:

For the Blood Angels, I recently finished two characters - a Captain, with a couple of bits from the BA upgrade sprue and I also created a Terminator Librarian out of a Grey Knight Terminator.

One other plan this week will be to get the new Dark Angels codex and re-organise my army and create a grav-weapon armed tactical squad (grav cannon, grav gun and combi-grav), as Dark Angels will finally get their hands on graviton weapons.

So, that's all for the moment!


  1. That's quite the army backbone. The new dark angels look super fun!


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