1st Skitarii model done & Tzeentchian Sorcerer Lord

So, having finally settled on what colour scheme I would be using for the Skitarii models, I got round to painting the first one - the Alpha model (squad leader) for a unit of Rangers. I ended up deciding on purple for the cloaks, medium green for the overalls and a bright green for some pipes/ tubes. I've yet to come up with a forge world symbol but I would probably use something with the letter M, as I decided that the forge world they are affiliated with would be called 'Murasaki'. This is appropriate, as 'murasaki' is the Japanese word for purple. Alternatively, it could be a forge world called 'Midori' (Japanese for green). Of course, I used Martian Ironearth crackle paint for the base.

Here is the end result.

Finally, I got my hands on the assassins game 'Assassinorum Execution Force' however many weeks ago and I recently finished building the Sorcerer lord who is meant to be the main character. I ended up painting him blue and yellow, as I thought I would not do the model up as the story suggested, but do him up in a Tzeentchian colour scheme, as a warm-up in case they end up releasing a Tzeentch version of the Chaos Daemonkin codex.


  1. Really like that color scheme on the skitari. Looks really cool!


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