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1st Skitarii model done & Tzeentchian Sorcerer Lord

So, having finally settled on what colour scheme I would be using for the Skitarii models, I got round to painting the first one - the Alpha model (squad leader) for a unit of Rangers. I ended up deciding on purple for the cloaks, medium green for the overalls and a bright green for some pipes/ tubes. I've yet to come up with a forge world symbol but I would probably use something with the letter M, as I decided that the forge world they are affiliated with would be called 'Murasaki'. This is appropriate, as 'murasaki' is the Japanese word for purple. Alternatively, it could be a forge world called 'Midori' (Japanese for green). Of course, I used Martian Ironearth crackle paint for the base.

Here is the end result.

Finally, I got my hands on the assassins game 'Assassinorum Execution Force' however many weeks ago and I recently finished building the Sorcerer lord who is meant to be the main character. I ended up painting him blue and yellow, as I th…

Beware Tyranids dropping out of the sky!

So, after quite a while, I finally got round to building up two Tyranid 'drop pods' aka Tyrannocytes. They are quite big models, each armed with five Deathspitters but unlike drop pods, they can still float about. One of them is red with green carapace and the other is green with purple carapace. This is because I have two colour schemes for my Tyranids. Now, once I get the main troop units done (Three or four units of 20-25 Termagants, two units of 15-20 Genestealers and a unit of Tyranid Warriors), I can get to bringing them out to battle.
 Here are the models (Some final touching up may be needed on the paint jobs)