Zoanthropes, Venomthropes and a Lord of Skulls

So, I have a big 40k battle coming up this Sunday, involving a super-heavy vehicle and I decided that I will use the Lord of Skulls, the big Khorne thingy that also features in the Daemonkin codex and it will battle alongside other Chaos Space Marines. It is now built (the paintwork may need a bit more touching up) and I also used it to try out the colour scheme for my Daemonkin CSM's - black with red trim.

I have also got round to getting some Tyranid models done up, having left them for a few months and there is now a built up unit of three green/ purple Venomthropes and five green/ purple Zoanthropes. The next models on the construction plan are two Tyrannocytes (Nid drop pods) to go with them.

Hopefully, the Lord of Skulls will make it through the battle without being destroyed (difficult to consider when there will be D-weapons going about) and I will soon get my Tyranids up to a battle ready state numbers-wise. Until next time!


  1. Everything looking great! One thing I'd suggest with the nids, choose a different flock or base color with them. That will give more pop to those lovely painted tentacles. (you can see how much more the zoan stands out on the brown base vs the greens).


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