Toxicrene and some Blood Angel Dreadnoughts

So, it has been a while since my last post, having been busy with work and other things (mainly Necron, as I had a Necron battle coming up and wanted to get the Decurion detachment up and running). I have, however, finished up some of the models that were laying about in limbo for a while, notably the Tyranid Toxicrene and three Blood Angel dreadnoughts.

First, here is a green/ purple Toxicrene. This model looks a bit unusual, as I lot a little part used to keep one set of its tentacles in place and ended up with it being in limbo for a while. My workaround was just to put as much of the arm into the body and glue that in place.

Next, here are the Blood Angel Death Company, Librarian and Furioso dreadnoughts, which will form the main parts of a dreadnought quadrangle, as I will have to build up a normal dreadnought for a Battle Company formation. I ended up getting a Venerable dreadnought kit (not built yet), as that had quite a few weapon arms that will be used for that dreadnought and a couple of venerable dreadnoughts that had the bodies but not the arms - they will join the ranks of the Dark Angels eventually.
Finally, what's coming up? Well, there should be some more Necron, CSM and Blood Angel pictures coming in the future, along with Skaven for models to make those armies up and there will also be the CSM super-heavy, the Lord of Skulls. This is also relevant, as I should be getting my hands on the new Chaos Daemonkin codex in a few days and will have a way of fielding CSM's and daemons in one codex.


  1. Toxicrene is looking great! I'd probably consider hitting up those side toxin sacs with another highlight, just because they seem a bit under highlighted compared to the rest of the model (but may just be the photo!).


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