Tesseract Vault - Death awaits the enemy of the Necrons!

So, I have just finished building the big Necron super-heavy model known as the Tesseract Vault, containing the Transcendent C'Tan. As mentioned earlier, The main body colour was painted Naggaroth Night, with the C'Tan painted with several blues, starting from Altdorf blue, then Hoeth blue and Skink blue for highlighting. This means that this model is pretty much ready for battle, apart from having to find a box to put the thing in.

Here is the finished model, with a Necron Immortal to show the scale of the model.


  1. Do you think there would be any way to magnetize this thing so you could run a normal oblisk, or the ark? Man that is one impressive model.

  2. I think it would be very difficult to alternate this between the vault and obelisk using magnets. One of the supports is cut a bit in the obelisk's building instructions. If, however, someone can create one of these bad boys that can alternate between open and closed, that would be impressive but I cannot see it happening.

    1. Appreciate the feedback! That's good to know. It's a shame it couldn't go from one to the other in the default kit, that would have been pretty cool!


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