Skaven - initial models

So, as with the advent of the End Times book, I ended up deciding to give building/ painting Skaven a go, while running through ideas of what kind of colour scheme to use. Eventually, I decided to go for a scheme involving greens, with Incubi Darkness as the main colour and lighter greens such as Kabalite Green as the secondary. I've done up a couple of models to show this colour scheme that should work (after washing with Agrax Earthshade as an end touch) and here we are:

On other fronts, I am getting closer to completion of a Necron Tesseract Vault super-heavy vehicle, which I am planning to use for a big battle on Sunday, March 1st. The main armour colour being Naggaroth Night (dark purple) and the secondary being blue, which is also how I'm painting up the Transcendent C'Tan in the middle. In terms of progress, I just have to finish off the C'Tan and fix up the outer sections to the main section. As well as that, I also got my hands on another 50 32mm bases for putting more Necrons on to, such as Praetorians and Immortals.


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