Necron re-basing project and a purple meanie!

So, last week I got my hands on some of the often out of stock 32mm round bases that people have been using to re-base Space Marines and Necrons on and I got 6 packs of 10. These bases were used for putting Necron Warriors on and when I am able to get about another 60 or so, I can put the rest of the Necrons foot-sloggers on them (apart from the new Overlord lording it on a 40mm base).

Personally, I think the new 32mm bases work very well for the Necrons, as there are times where the feet of some of the models stick out quite a bit when on 25mm bases. This has also led me to use another box for the models (one of the GW boxes they gave out to people who spent at least £100 in-store). I also had to get on with that, seeing as though my Necrons will have their first battle using the new codex on Sunday.

Another thing with my Necrons is that any new units will be painted using the purple colour scheme I used when painting my newest heavy destroyer unit. An example of this is in the following picture showing this new colour scheme, as well as the difference going from a 25mm base to a 32mm base makes for a Necron warrior.

Finally, I did mention that I got several lengths of transparent coloured rod for replacing the green clear rod on some warriors. Unfortunately, I have found that replacing the green rod with another colour involved quite a bit of the guns apart. This means that I'm going to have to be very careful on how to go ahead with that project.


  1. Those bases are MUCH nicer. No more hanging feet syndrome!

  2. Exactly! I think thid project will finish when I get another 60 to 80 bases.


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