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Tesseract Vault - Death awaits the enemy of the Necrons!

So, I have just finished building the big Necron super-heavy model known as the Tesseract Vault, containing the Transcendent C'Tan. As mentioned earlier, The main body colour was painted Naggaroth Night, with the C'Tan painted with several blues, starting from Altdorf blue, then Hoeth blue and Skink blue for highlighting. This means that this model is pretty much ready for battle, apart from having to find a box to put the thing in.

Here is the finished model, with a Necron Immortal to show the scale of the model.

Skaven - initial models

So, as with the advent of the End Times book, I ended up deciding to give building/ painting Skaven a go, while running through ideas of what kind of colour scheme to use. Eventually, I decided to go for a scheme involving greens, with Incubi Darkness as the main colour and lighter greens such as Kabalite Green as the secondary. I've done up a couple of models to show this colour scheme that should work (after washing with Agrax Earthshade as an end touch) and here we are:

On other fronts, I am getting closer to completion of a Necron Tesseract Vault super-heavy vehicle, which I am planning to use for a big battle on Sunday, March 1st. The main armour colour being Naggaroth Night (dark purple) and the secondary being blue, which is also how I'm painting up the Transcendent C'Tan in the middle. In terms of progress, I just have to finish off the C'Tan and fix up the outer sections to the main section. As well as that, I also got my hands on another 50 32mm bases for put…

Necron re-basing project and a purple meanie!

So, last week I got my hands on some of the often out of stock 32mm round bases that people have been using to re-base Space Marines and Necrons on and I got 6 packs of 10. These bases were used for putting Necron Warriors on and when I am able to get about another 60 or so, I can put the rest of the Necrons foot-sloggers on them (apart from the new Overlord lording it on a 40mm base).

Personally, I think the new 32mm bases work very well for the Necrons, as there are times where the feet of some of the models stick out quite a bit when on 25mm bases. This has also led me to use another box for the models (one of the GW boxes they gave out to people who spent at least £100 in-store). I also had to get on with that, seeing as though my Necrons will have their first battle using the new codex on Sunday.

Another thing with my Necrons is that any new units will be painted using the purple colour scheme I used when painting my newest heavy destroyer unit. An example of this is in the follo…