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New Necron Heavy Destroyer unit

Well, I've finally had some time to finish building and painting a little project for my Necrons - a second all-plastic unit of Necron Heavy Destroyers. It also gave me a chance to see what Necrons would look like with a purple colour scheme. These are partial conversion jobs, as the first heavy gauss cannon was made from Immortals' gauss blasters and a gauss cannon and the other two were heavy gauss cannons from the Triarch Stalker kit (it's getting the heat ray and will also be painted purple!).

Here's the end result!
For the textured base, I used a pot of Tamiya dark earth textured paint I got a week or two ago when I last went to Edinburgh.

Secondly, I will also see to changing some of the plastic rods on some of my Necron warriors, as a little package arrived today! Three 50cm lengths of 2.4mm clear coloured plastic rod (red, yellow and blue), which is the same thickness as the green rods used on the gauss flayers and old Immortal gauss blasters.

Finally, beware o…