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New Tyranid Zoanthropes

So, as you lot are aware, the Tyranids saw the recent release of the all-plastic kit that can be used to make Venomthropes and Zoanthropes. I ended up buying two boxes, in order to make up two units of three, rather than make one unit of six, as I want to try to destroy more enemy units/ vehicles per turn. I will eventually get a third box, to make up a unit of Venomthropes, to try and make gaunts a bit more survivable.

Well, without further ado, I present a couple of images showing the new Zoanthropes (one of which was built up as a Neurothrope), as well as a comparison in size between a plastic Zoanthrope and a Finecast one.

I will soon get around to the second Zoanthrope unit, which has a different colour scheme (green & purple).