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Various Armies update

So, this is my first post in about a month and I have been making small bits of progress in painting up models for Eldar, Dark Eldar, Blood Angels and Chaos Space Marines.

First, I've now finished two full tactical squads and bits of three other Blood Angel squads (Assault, Death Company and Sanguinary Guard). I'll eventually get round to adding vehicles and whatnot once a new codex comes out for them
 Secondly, here are a couple of models from a 10-man box of Dire Avengers (Eventually, I will get round to having a battle-ready Eldar army).
 Third, here are some green Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors (this time I applied a green wash last. The next unit/ vehicles will have a dark green wash applied at an earlier stage)
 Fourth, I'm also doing up a unit of Chaos Space Marines that will be aligned to Slaanesh (with an icon of excess, to show that it's not just Nurgle's followers that can benefit from FNP!)
Finally, I got four more boxes of Dark Eldar - a Raider, 2 boxes …