Blood for the ... Sanguinius?

So, in the most likely chance there will be a 7th edition codex for the Blood Angels at some point in the future (who knows when?), I got some dedicated Blood Angels models and have made progress in painting up a regular Tactical Squad in Blood Angels colours.

First, here we have some initial work on doing Death company models with jump packs.

Secondly, here is a mostly done Tactical Squad (2nd company, squad 1)

The red colour started off through priming with black, followed by a base coat of Khorne red, washing with Coelia Greenshade, then drybrushing with Mephiston red.

I did get some Sanguinary Guard models as well, but I don't have any models finished yet. The plan for the golden armour is to start with Leadbelcher, then wash with Seraphim Sepia to get a dull golden colour effect on the armour.

One other thing I will try soon is to see what effect I get if I try using Incubi Darkness as a starting colour for some Dark Eldar (with Kabalite Green as a highlight colour?), as their new codex is coming soon and I'll probably get a box of Kabalite Warriors to try it out.


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