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Blood for the ... Sanguinius?

So, in the most likely chance there will be a 7th edition codex for the Blood Angels at some point in the future (who knows when?), I got some dedicated Blood Angels models and have made progress in painting up a regular Tactical Squad in Blood Angels colours.

First, here we have some initial work on doing Death company models with jump packs.

Secondly, here is a mostly done Tactical Squad (2nd company, squad 1)

The red colour started off through priming with black, followed by a base coat of Khorne red, washing with Coelia Greenshade, then drybrushing with Mephiston red.

I did get some Sanguinary Guard models as well, but I don't have any models finished yet. The plan for the golden armour is to start with Leadbelcher, then wash with Seraphim Sepia to get a dull golden colour effect on the armour.

One other thing I will try soon is to see what effect I get if I try using Incubi Darkness as a starting colour for some Dark Eldar (with Kabalite Green as a highlight colour?), as thei…

No 200: Some of this, some of that and some of something else!

Well, here is the 200th post on this blog. It's probably been a while since I posted last, mainly due to holiday time, as well as the release of Diablo 3 on Playstation 4.

I have got around to painting/ building some miniatures, as well as trying to get back into certain projects that I haven't done anything on for ages (Eldar, Crimson Fists, something else?).

So, here are some of the recent things off the development line:

 1st: Dark Angel Terminator Captain (Master of the 3rd company) with a mace of redemption and foe-smiter (storm bolter)
 2nd: A couple of Menoth Warjacks (I'm probably going to finish the Menoth models before I finish off Khador)
3rd: Some Necron Immortals (Less likely to get wiped out by evil heavy bolter fire, especially when an Imperial Fist devastator squad has 4 heavy bolters in the unit).

Other projects that will be up and running will be to finish off more Ogre Kingdom models (preferably before 9th edition Warhammer comes out, whenever that will …