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Second Ogre Firebelly finished

So, the painting of Ogre Kingdoms models has changed tack, with building/ painting of characters. In my previous post, I showed you a Firebelly model. I've recently finished doing up the second Firebelly model, with a slightly different colour scheme to the first one (replace purple or blue with red). Here are the end results:

Next in line for getting done will be an Ogre Tyrant, who will be the army general and I will try to get onto painting up the big Ogre cannon thing and some Yhetees (Finecast material doesn't take so well to black primer that's painted on by hand - metal was like that as well, however).

Upcoming projects will include my return to Warmachine and painting Menoth and Khador models, Ogre Mournfang Cavalry, along with a Dark Angels company master wearing Terminator armour.

Ogre Firebelly 1

So, I haven't done much building/ painting of models, as it's taking a while getting some of them disassembled/ stripped of paint. However, I do have a couple of images of an Ogre character, the first of my two Firebelly models. This one has a purple face mask, while the second will have a red face mask.
I've tried using Agrellan Earth over a base yellow/ orange colour to give some impression of a fiery/ lava appearance to the ground, as I thought it would be appropriate to the character.
 Here is the end result.