Some Ogres!

Well, I'm slowly but surely getting the hang of getting Warhammer Ogres built, as my plan to return to Warhammer Fantasy (and sticking with it this time!). I have a few models from the main infantry units built but here are a couple of pictures showing the first ones that I built/ painted, in the form of two Ogres and one Leadbelcher. Since the pictures were taken, however, I've finished a few more Ogres - namely taken some partially painted models and finished the job off - images of these will come in later weeks.

Project Ogres is taking some time, as quite a few of the models have to be stripped/ disassembled before I can re-paint/ re-build them. I am, however, making progress and I have a fair idea of what on earth I am doing - that's what counts.

Finally, here's a couple of pictures.


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