Some Tyranids done

Well, I've finally got round to do some building/ painting of Tyranids, namely the all-plastic Tyrant Guard and the re-released Tyranid Warrior set (3 warriors with all possible weapon options) which will make up half of a unit of Tyranid Warriors (I'm planning on a unit of 6, along with checking if the lashwhip/ boneswords in the Tyrant Guard box are compatible with Warriors). They are all painted red with green carapace.
I've kitted out the Tyrant Guard with rending claws and crushing claws (to scare any models that dare attack them). The Tyranid Warriors are fitted with lashwhip/ bonesword and deathspitters.
Here they are -

Coming up for the Tyranids will be more Termagants, along with some more Crimson Fist Space Marines (Centurions and Tactical squad). This weekend will see me get my hands on the new edition of the 40k rulebook and seeing what has/ has not changed.


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