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Crimson Fist Sternguard Veteran unit WIP

So, progress is gradually being made in building up my small Space Marine ally detachment that will go alongside my Dark Angels. The first unit under construction is a unit of Crimson Fist Sternguard Veterans. This unit is still WIP, as I am planning to have a unit of ten and I'm in the middle of doing the first five models (I hope to have the other five later today) and I also have to remove Dark Angel symbols from the Drop pod that I acquired second-hand for them.
Here's an image of the Sergeant, wielding a combi-melta and power fist.

I'm also currently building a Stormtalon flyer and am hoping to be able to field my Imperial Knight soon, as I just have to get the relevant codex and a set of the blue Apocalypse templates. These have been flaming difficult to find, however, as I looked at GW's webstore and went to GW's store in Edinburgh and couldn't get them. I did, however, manage to order a set from Total Wargamer and I hope they will arrive in the next coup…

Imperial Knight finally built

So, after a few weeks of less than full activity on the painting/ building front, I've finally finished my Imperial Knight model. The main colours are dark green and bronze, as I plan on having that model as an ally for Dark Angels. Now, the only things I need before I can send him off to battle would be the big Apocalypse blast marker set (in case he blows up!) and the relevant codex.

Here he is:
Well, with that out of the way, I can see to building/ painting up some Crimson Fists to act as allies for Tau or Dark Angels, as well as more Tyranids.