Some more Tyranids and some Ravenwing

Well, that's the last of the big Tyranid monstrous creatures done, in the form of my second Tyrannofex, as well as the completion of the first green Zoanthrope, as shown below. I had to do some fixing of the bottom of the Zoanthrope model, as the little bit that it stands on top of broke off.

The next units on the cards for Tyranids are the completion of the 'red' Genestealer unit, followed by doing up some red Termagants and eventually getting my hands on two more Venomthropes.

For the Dark Angels, it's the building of some additional fast attack models, as I've just finished an Attack Bike and a third Land Speeder. A unit of assault marines is under construction.

Finally, for the Tau, I am getting ever closer to finishing my second Riptide, where I decided to put the shield generator and the ion accelerator on the opposite arms. After that, I can get on to finally building/ painting a Piranha squadron.


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