First Bolt Action Soviets

So, I've finished the first unit of my Soviet army for Bolt Action. This has been taking a lot longer than usual, due to the lack of information anywhere on how to build/ paint the relevant models.
This unit was painted up using the paint set intended for Soviets. I started off priming the models in white and ended the paint job using a wash of GW's Agrax Earthshade. This unit is an 11-man unit of regulars but one of the Soviet special rules says that you get another full inexperienced unit at no point cost. The way I'm representing the inexperienced infantry is to paint them differently. This was done by using a lightish green GW paint (as I've got a ton of GW paints kicking about).

So, here's a picture of the NCO who's leading the inexperienced unit.
Well, that's my first foray into painting Bolt Action models and I'll see if I can get better at it through painting more of them.


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