2nd Tau Broadside unit and Rifleman Dreadnought

So, here is another update on what models I've built/ painted for my various armies.
At the moment, I'm doing stuff for my Tau, Eldar and Tyranid armies, as I recently got some more models for my Tyranids - a Hive Crone (flying creature), more Genestealers, Termagants, Zoanthropes and a Venomthrope, as well as the new Tyranid codex.

Here's what I've recently finished - a unit of three Tau Broadside battlesuits armed with smart missile systems and high-yield missile pods, as well as a long awaited conversion job. The conversion job was a minor one for a Dark Angel Dreadnought to create a 'Rifleman', armed with two twin-linked autocannons. This was achieved by modifying a couple of dreadnought arms and using a quad gun from an Aegis Defence line.

Here are the end results:


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