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2nd Tau Broadside unit and Rifleman Dreadnought

So, here is another update on what models I've built/ painted for my various armies.
At the moment, I'm doing stuff for my Tau, Eldar and Tyranid armies, as I recently got some more models for my Tyranids - a Hive Crone (flying creature), more Genestealers, Termagants, Zoanthropes and a Venomthrope, as well as the new Tyranid codex.

Here's what I've recently finished - a unit of three Tau Broadside battlesuits armed with smart missile systems and high-yield missile pods, as well as a long awaited conversion job. The conversion job was a minor one for a Dark Angel Dreadnought to create a 'Rifleman', armed with two twin-linked autocannons. This was achieved by modifying a couple of dreadnought arms and using a quad gun from an Aegis Defence line.

Here are the end results:

Tau Broadside unit 2 under construction

So, that's one model out of three done for my second unit of Tau Broadside battlesuits. The difference between this unit and the other one is that this unit will be equipped with high-yield missile pods instead of twin-linked heavy rail rifles. Doing it this way, these guys can be more deadly to less well-armoured targets and get a lot more shots.

The next models planned will be to get my second Riptide done, some Piranhas, as well as finish the Broadside unit and some Ravenwing models (bike squad, attack bike & landspeeder)