Current/ upcoming projects lined up

So, I am still slowly but surely working on painting/ building a new Eldar army and the main units/ models that have current attention are the Crimson Hunter flyer (needs the last few touches of paint done but it is built), an almost finished Wraithlord and a unit of Wraithblades with axes and shields.

Also, today, I now have the main parts for a conversion job that I have been wanting to do for ages - create a 'rifleman' Dreadnought for my Dark Angels. The proposed extent of the conversion job applies to the weapon arms only, as I don't have the arms glued on to any of my Dreadnoughts (makes it easier to show relevant 'Weapon Destroyed' results). What is now making it possible is that I bought the Aegis Defence Line kit and the gun parts of the quad gun will be used for making the Dreadnought's twin-linked autocannons. The defence line will be using the Icarus lascannon.


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