A couple of flyers and a finished Monolith

So, that's some extra models built and painted for my Necrons, in the form of the Monolith and a second Doom Scythe.
 In order to tell this Doom Scythe from the other one, I used yellow as the other colour, as opposed to purple.
This Monolith model is completed as far as possible, as it was bought second-hand (missing a couple of clear green plastic bits. I've painted over the green plastic bits in yellow, as the contrast colour.

The third model to be presented is a finished Eldar flyer, in the form of a Crimson Hunter.

On other notes, I will be giving the GW paint Agrellan Earth another chance, as I got another pot of the stuff from a new batch - hopefully this means that I should see a crackled effect when using it this time, in contrast to previous disappointments.
Also, I recently got my hands on another big box, in the form of Mantic's Deadzone, a skirmish game, as an aside. Progress in building/ painting stuff will come up in due course.


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