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A couple of flyers and a finished Monolith

So, that's some extra models built and painted for my Necrons, in the form of the Monolith and a second Doom Scythe.
 In order to tell this Doom Scythe from the other one, I used yellow as the other colour, as opposed to purple.
This Monolith model is completed as far as possible, as it was bought second-hand (missing a couple of clear green plastic bits. I've painted over the green plastic bits in yellow, as the contrast colour.

The third model to be presented is a finished Eldar flyer, in the form of a Crimson Hunter.

On other notes, I will be giving the GW paint Agrellan Earth another chance, as I got another pot of the stuff from a new batch - hopefully this means that I should see a crackled effect when using it this time, in contrast to previous disappointments.
Also, I recently got my hands on another big box, in the form of Mantic's Deadzone, a skirmish game, as an aside. Progress in building/ painting stuff will come up in due course.

More works in the pipeline (40k and Bolt Action)

So, over the past week and a bit I acquired some more 40k models, in the form of another Necron flyer (Doom Scythe), 3 Broadside battlesuits, a Riptide and a box of Plaguebearers. I'm currently working on the Doom Scythe and other Eldar models at the moment but I've finished the rest of the Necron Monolith that I showed a WIP image of last time.Now, I've added in the rest of the plastic rods, 'crystal' and painted those bits yellow. This means I should be able to get a finished picture up soon.

On another note, I just got my first Soviet infantry miniatures for Bolt Action, in the form of a basic infantry sprue, which I ordered along with the main paint set intended for the Soviets, just to get started. I've already sprayed the models white and just have to look up which paints get used where.

Wraithlord and some works in progress

So, I've put the guns on the Wraithlord, applied textured paint to the base and that's that model finished. For the WIP models, I've done the secondary colour for the Necron Monolith and drybrushed lighter blue for highlights - all that remains is to do cleanup and apply the coloured rods. That will take slightly longer, as I'm painting the 'green' clear plastic rods yellow before putting them onto the model.

 Finally, here's a picture of an Eldar Wraithblade in progress - just needs a head and arms and that will be the model finished.

Current/ upcoming projects lined up

So, I am still slowly but surely working on painting/ building a new Eldar army and the main units/ models that have current attention are the Crimson Hunter flyer (needs the last few touches of paint done but it is built), an almost finished Wraithlord and a unit of Wraithblades with axes and shields.

Also, today, I now have the main parts for a conversion job that I have been wanting to do for ages - create a 'rifleman' Dreadnought for my Dark Angels. The proposed extent of the conversion job applies to the weapon arms only, as I don't have the arms glued on to any of my Dreadnoughts (makes it easier to show relevant 'Weapon Destroyed' results). What is now making it possible is that I bought the Aegis Defence Line kit and the gun parts of the quad gun will be used for making the Dreadnought's twin-linked autocannons. The defence line will be using the Icarus lascannon.