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Finished Wraithknight, Crimson Fists and a special effects test

So, I'm starting off with some Space Marines that I've been asked to paint for someone, using a Crimson Fists colour scheme. For this, I started off a black primer, Kantor Blue basecoat, Nuln Oil wash, then drybrushing with Skink Blue for highlights. For the fists, I painted them using either Khorne Red or Mephiston Red. It seems to have worked well and I've just got another five models to paint up to finish that squad.

Next up, GW released the new 'special effects' paints and I ended up getting at least one of each (apart from the 'Agrellan Earth' basing paint, as I got two pots of that). The picture below shows the effect of applying the 'wash' called Typhus Corrosion over a basic Chaos Space Marine that was basecoated with Leadbelcher. This one does seem to do the job of creating a 'dirty' appearance for a model - I suppose I'll see what happens when I apply a wash of Seraphim Sepia over him to have a dull golden appearance.
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A Dire Avenger, a Fire Dragon and a Wraithknight in progress

So, I'm gradually getting into painting Eldar models and have painted up a couple of 'test' models, to see how colour schemes work - such as a Fire Dragon and a Dire Avenger. Here's what they look like:

Also, I'm getting ever closer to having the big Wraithknight model finished - it's just the weapons, as well as highlighting and a dark purple wash to go. Later, I will get my first Jetbike model finished.