Eldar Guardian

So, I've started on getting recently acquired Eldar models started, working on several different types of models at the same time (as usual). However, here is the first picture, showing a Guardian with my planned colour scheme of dark purple, with a dark green helmet and bone-coloured gun.
I've also made a start on a unit of Dire Avengers, some Fire Dragons, Striking Scorpions, a Wave Serpent and a Wraithknight.

One project that's almost finished is my Dark Angels command squad, which just needs a banner to represent the 'Standard of Devastation' to finish it off. I'll get that done by photocopying a page from the codex that has that banner. For the models, I've used the new all-plastic Sternguard Veterans models (apart from the Apothecary), as they just look so cool.

Finally, I have one more project on the go for the Dark Angels, in the form of a fifth Tactical squad, to be armed with a heavy bolter, flamer and a combi-flamer for the sergeant.


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